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NMHS Purchase, Returns, and Exchange Policies

Product and Health Disclaimers

Natural Mental Health Supplements makes no legal claims as to the efficacy of any of the products featured on www.nmhsupplements.com, or their effect on an individual’s central nervous system, mind, or body.  All claims made by NMHS should be taken as purely educational and not guarantees of individual outcomes. All statements on the website or products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. NMHS products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information provided on this website or in any Natural Mental Health Supplements literature is not medical advice and furthermore we encourage all interested participants to work closely with their medical practitioners before using any supplement as there may be interactions with doctor-prescribed medications. All testimonials found within this website are opinions that represent experiences of the individual participants. Names of the participants have been changed or withheld to protect the privacy of the individual.

Health Disclaimer

By clicking/checking the at checkout you certify that prior to purchase you have spoken to your primary health care provider and/or psychiatrist about Natural Mental Health Supplements  products and any potential interactions or contraindications this product may have with prescribed medications, supplements, or therapeutic diets. Research has shown that the components in all NMHS products should not interact with SSRI or SNRI medications, however every individual is unique and by clicking the box below you are certifying that you acknowledge the risk of taking this product and are assuming the responsibility to consult with your primary care Doctor and/or psychiatrist prior to taking this product.

Customers who are taking MAOI, Coumadin, or Statins are not recommended to take NMHS all Natural Mental Health Supplement products and by clicking/checking the box below are certifying that these drugs will not be taken in conjunction with NMHS all Natural Mental Health Supplement products.

NMHS requires all customers to certify that they have spoken to their primary care doctor prior to purchasing this product and that by acknowledging this statement both the customer and their primary care doctor and/or psychiatrist assume the responsibility for determining if this product is safe for use.


Please read the following Disclaimer & Terms of Use carefully. This must be agreed upon before purchase of any NMHS products. I understand that should I have any questions about the data herein that I have the right to consult a legal professional. I hereby certify that upon agreeing to the below Disclaimer & Terms of Use that I have read, understood and agreed to the components herein.

By clicking on this box and submitting a check mark below, I certify that I have spoken to my primary care doctor about NMHS all Natural Mental Health Supplement products and hold Natural Mental Health Supplements LLC faultless for any complications that may arise when consuming this product. I certify that I am knowledgeable about any potential side effects and assume responsibility for any adverse reactions that may occur while consuming all Natural Mental Health Supplement products.
By clicking the box at checkout, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree with this entire disclaimer, NMHS Terms and Conditions, NMHS Privacy Policies, and all NMHS Shop Policies

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re confident that you will be satisfied with your Natural Mental Health Supplements purchase. Natural Mental Health Supplements Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee means that if you are not absolutely satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, let us know. We will promptly replace the item or give you a refund of its purchase price. It’s that simple.

How to Return an Item

  • You are required to complete an electronic form explaining the reason for return.
    • Click here for the return form.
  • Please return items as soon as possible (You will not receive a refund without NMHS first receiving the unwanted product).
  • Enclose a packing slip in the carton and wrap the package securely.
    • Your packing slip will be a printed version of the electronic form you filed.
  • Send it to the return address below:

Natural Mental Health Supplements (Return Address)

Natural Mental Health Supplements LLC

PO BOX 80787

Phoenix, AZ 85060

Please complete the required form here.

Questions? contact us via email customerservice@nmhsupplements.com

For your protection, please use UPS, Fedex or Insured Parcel Post for shipment.

  • A credit for the price of the item and applicable taxes will be applied to your credit card. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable unless a result of an error by Natural Mental Health Supplements. The purchaser is responsible for the shipping & handling charges to ship the bottle and product back to Natural Mental Health Supplements.


Each purchaser gets 1 full refund per product (not including return shipping and handling costs) if they are unsatisfied with the product and for any reason (exempting the exchange of a defective product– see below). The original purchase price and taxes will be refunded to the purchaser once the product is returned to NMHS.  If a purchaser who has already received a full refund for a product chooses then to buy the same product in the future, they will no longer eligible for a refund and no return options for lack of satisfaction will be issued. However, everyone is eligible for an exchange as a result of a defect (see below).

Exchanges as a result of a defect.

Exchanges: If a bottle is damaged in shipping or found to be defective, the user is required to return the bottle to NMHS and a new bottle will be issued upon receipt of the damaged item.  All shipping costs will be reimbursed to the user. Natural Mental health Supplements will credit your account with the the reimbursement of standard shipping costs.


Returns will only be accepted on the first item purchased unless it is for a defect in packaging. In the case of a packaging defect, the entire product must be returned and is eligible only for a replacement, not a refund.

We will notify you via e-mail when the return has been processed.


If you have questions about your return or exchange, please contact us customerservice@nmhsupplements.com.
Remember: Be sure to include the information in your electronic return or exchange form in your packing slip with your correspondence.

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