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Our founding doctor, Nicole Cain, ND, MA had a vision: to help her patients who struggled with mental health conditions thrive. Clinically, Dr. Nicole Cain, ND MA saw that her patients who needed to be on antidepressants had improvements in their mood, but then ended up with side effects that often felt like a new health condition just replacing their depression. This made it hard for people to stay on the medications that they needed to control their moods. It was a classic “stuck between a rock and a hard place” conundrum. Having both a Naturopathic Medical Degree and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Cain began to think about possible solutions. Dr. Nicole Cain, ND, MA did some investigating, and found that her patients who were taking psychotropic medications had significant nutrient deficiencies. The obvious reason was diet, exercise, and lifestyle, however this didn’t pan out to be the only culprit. With some serious exploration and research, Dr. Cain came to the realization that the very medications her patients were depending on to save their lives were slowly depleting their systems of vital nutrients. Something had to be done differently. Thus Natural Mental Health Supplements (NMHS) was conceived. This is a different way of providing supplements. Instead of a broad “shotgun” approach, the doctors honed in on the specific nutrients, cofactors, minerals, and amino acid precursors that are depleted by medications, added some powerful therapeutic herbs, and provided everything in doses that are high enough to replete the body so that it can thrive, not just survive. NMHS is truly the only supplement regimen designed specifically for you and because of this it’s likely the only supplement you’ll need.


Natural Mental Health Supplements is committed to helping our customers live happy and productive lives in a state of mental and emotional clarity. Our customers choose to be educated, empowered and have the tools to take control of their mental health

To produce world class science-based natural mental health supplements.

Core Values:
Integrity, Accountability, Value, Excellence, Education

Learn more about The NMHS Difference, How it Works and Research behind our product.

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